I have lived in Coquitlam, BC for most of my adult life. Having spent so much time in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, I have developed a passion for photography. As you browse through the pages of my website, I hope you will appreciate how the beauty of the world can be captured through a camera lens.


If you see an image you would like a print of please contact me through my email and I will give you a quote for the medium and size you would prefer. I would like to thank all who have taken the time to browse my website.


If you have any interest in a print from this website please contact me and I will give you a quote for the medium and size you are interested in.


I recently had the opportunity to work on a book for the OSPREY FLY FISHING CLUB. That work included the cover shot and shooting all the flies inside the book. I am thankful for the honour to work on that book. I have included a links to that book.






I recently had a photo of mine used as a cover of a book.  

I was honoured to get that opportunity. For all interested the link to the book is here.


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